Posted by: Serena | 19th Sep, 2008

Tree Hugging 101

This week has been a landmark one for former flower child-hater Jim Groom. After incessant railing against wailing, constant use of “hippie” as a derogatory term, and the occasional misspelled bumper sticker, Jim is, as of this week, a new man. What changed? Under my supervision, Jim underwent a rigorous “Hippie Sensitivity Training” program. In only three days, the results have been dramatic.

DAY 1:   Word-image association

As you can see, there was quite a lot of work to be done. However, through persistence and good luck, the final results were spectacular.

DAY 3: Field Trip… Practicum in flora-related empathy

Says Jim, “This is my favorite tree. I love this tree.”


I should have never agreed to this. I look like such a dirty hippie 🙂

A dirty NY hippie- the worst kind. Get a job hippy!

Leave those trees alone.

Dolphin-swimming orgies! Sapling-assisted love-ins! Stay back, hippy!

Hilarious! I’m confident he’ll eventually make the transition from edupunk to eduhippie.