Posted by: Serena | 3rd Jun, 2008


Every so often, I refresh the EDUPUNK Wikipedia page to see what’s been changed, and this time something really caught my eye. The article’s first sentence is “Edupunk is an ideology referring to educators and education strategies with a do it yourself (DIY) spirit.”

Ideology? I didn’t remember it saying that before. And sure enough, according to the history, it used to say: “Edupunk is a term…” So yesterday, someone changed it from “term” to “ideology”. Hmmm.

If you follow the link to Wikipedia’s article on “ideology”, you’ll see that they have it defined as “an organized collection of ideas”. Haha. Whatever else EDUPUNK is, it’s not organized. But seriously, why do you think this change was made? What does it say about the way people (or possibly just one person) are viewing EDUPUNK? How would you categorize EDUPUNK? (Or do you think labeling is sooo not EDUPUNK?)

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