Posted by: Serena | 7th Jun, 2008

music box

I went downtown today in search of wooden things to paint, and returned with three kitchen implements, a music box, and a typewriter.

The music box didn’t play, so I dug out my screwdriver and pliers.

After an hour and a half, it was playing again. The melody is a little haunting:

Music Box

And after some fiddling in GarageBand:

Take Two

Can anyone identify this tune?

Next step: finding a ribbon for my new (old) typewriter.


Try singing it (or playing it) into Midori, a site that one of my students presented on last term. It does a surprisingly good job of identifying songs based on melodies.

What’s the URL? I can’t seem to find it.

Oh, found it.

Waves of the Danube” c/o Wikipedia

I recognized the tune. Midomi and Chinese translation helped score it.

Ooh, a typewriter. There are moments where I would give a foot to have a manual typewriter again.